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14th August 2013

Media Release

OMG! He said ‘Sex Appeal’! SHOOT HIM!!

Unemployment rising! Budget blowouts! GFC still alive! Refugee mess! Cost of living rising! Carbon trading confusion! Debt soaring! Mining boom over! Costs killing business! Education battles! Health hiatus! Fear! Uncertainty! Lack of business confidence!

A flood of problems, a drought of solutions. So what’s the headline issue facing Australia? ‘Abbott says ‘Sex Appeal’ of course!

What have we come to? How is this misogynist debate going to fortress Australia from massive economic downturns charging down at us?

I’m told Tony’s ‘Sex Appeal’ line generated 17 tweets per minute yesterday. OMG! (I feel stupid even typing that.)

When the dole cues lengthen dramatically, which they will soon enough, many men and women will probably spend hours in front of a mirror to muster some ‘sex appeal’ to increase their chances of getting a job.

I can hear the tweets coming now... Greg Rudd is a misogynist!! The TV’s called Tony’s ‘Sex Appeal’ line a gaffe in their headlines. I guess ‘sex appeal’ has nothing to do with why we see so few ugly (beautifully challenged) people on TV. The people and the media say they demand the truth yet when a politician is even vaguely truthful they’re ravaged for the daily headline.

This is not an issue about Tony Abbott. This is an issue about us. We need to grow up! Or we can track down Paul Hogan and burn him at the stake on Fox Live for his disgusting term of ‘Good lookin’ sheila.’ Further Contact: No need to contact.. I’ve said my bit.

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