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No one side of politics has all the answers.

Greg is bipartisan and works with the Government of the day obtaining the best outcome for business clients in all industry sectors no matter what country or jurisdiction. If Greg doesn’t have a contact he knows how to gain a contact. There are few doors impossible to open but they are only worth opening if you have a good story to tell. If your story doesn’t stack up it’s best not to speak. It only brings unwanted attention to yourself.

Whether convincing Government or potential business partners on behalf of a client Greg tells all clients they have to convince him before he can convince anyone else. Reputation is important. If Greg is representing a client the assumption by business and government is that merit is involved. Thus snake oil salesmen need not apply.

The political decision making process in Canberra is a labyrinth involving many players and many levels of influence. Pure logic rarely prevails. Personal acrimony and ambition pollute policy goals. In politics your worst enemies are always on your own side. Representing yourself to the Federal Parliament is like representing yourself at the High Court. It can be done but it’s unlikely to achieve the best result. Using a good lobbyist is equivalent to using a good barrister. It heightens your chance of success but never guarantees success.

Greg advises all clients not to make political donations outside paying for tables to attend political functions to better understand party policy and individual politicians. If clients do make a donation they should keep it modest and make equal donations to all sides of politics. Making a big donation to one side of politics or one politician can always work against a client in terms of perception.

In today’s insecure and 24/7 media world Governments turn over with increasing frequency. There is no political wheel big enough that it doesn’t eventually turn. The turning of this wheel always affects business. It’s vital to have ongoing working relations with all political parties and independents. It’s vital to always have an ear to the ground. Don’t take sides and don’t become a hater. Relationships need to be personal as well as professional. You need to understand what drives a decision making process. It’s never simple. It’s always fluid until locked in by legislation or regulation and even that can change. Businesses cannot engage Government on an ad hoc or part time basis if they expect to achieve optimal results.

Industry wide lobby groups serve a purpose but they are broad brush and often don’t satisfy individual member’s specific needs. Using an independent bipartisan lobbyist is best for long term continuity.

Meeting a Minister or political leader is only one small piece of completing a complex jigsaw. It is never an end in itself no matter what is promised.

If using Greg’s services to grow your business by engaging with business houses, nationally or internationally, a client has to demonstrate the obvious value add. What makes you special? How can costs be reduced, market penetration increased, backup provided, return on investment improved and all the normal things that make a CEO, CFO and shareholders smile?

Whether in politics or business, Greg is the gun while the client provides the bullets. If the bullets are badly made the gun is less effective in hitting targets. It always comes down to a client having a good logical, commercial and/or political story. Like all stories the art is in the telling and Greg is a good story teller which is why business hires him. If its issue management the bullets are rarely perfect but Greg can help you design the most effective calibre and help you to decide when, where and if to fire to protect yourself.

Greg is not driven by money hence his retainer is moderate. He wants his children to make their own way in life, to earn their happiness and financial security, to feel good about themselves. He’d rather die with a library full of stories rather than a bank account full of money.

Greg believes in the old saying “Live each day as though it’s your last because one day you’re sure to be right.” He believes it’s important to wake up with a smile on your face and wanting to get out of bed because the world is an interesting place and it’s possible to do good and constructive things.

Greg has travelled the globe with a spritely (mid 80’s) Buddhist Master. He’s found himself in weird and wonderful places including the Vatican twice with a delegation of global religious leaders including Christians, Muslims and Atheists – all looking for commonalities rather than differences to make the world a better place. Politics and business is little different. We brand ourselves with difference but it’s finding and leveraging off the commonalities that make things work.

Greg has worked in many jurisdictions. He does not want to go to jail. He wants to protect certain parts of his body. He’s turned down bribes. He packages and pushes evidence and argument to make a case. He’s persuasive. He does not break laws. He plays by the rules of each jurisdiction. If you want someone to cut corners don’t come to Greg. Whether in politics or business the devil is always in the detail and it’s the lack of attention to detail and arrogance that brings down many a house.

Politics and business is littered with the cost of unintended consequences. It’s best to get things right as you can from the outset. Call Greg for an initial chat any time day or night from anywhere in Australia or the world. We live in a volatile global economy, financially and politically, full of chaos and opportunity. Let’s make the journey profitable and productive.

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